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Wednesday, 12-Mar-2008 05:09
We are the world?

I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be

Last weekend, seperti biasa, setiap petang or malam, kami akan bawak Nisa gi Giant hypermarket, tempat peberet Nisa :-D Nisa suka main slide dan free rides kat situ. Kalau nasib baik, tak ramai orang so Nisa can play safely, if not, kalau ramai budak, mama & papa tak kasi Nisa main, tunggu orang kurang sket, sebab takut Nisa kena lanyak ke, or berjangkit sakit demam diorang ke...

Something interesting & quite touching also (for mama) happened that day...Luckily masa nak main tu, ramai budak naik rides, so tempat panjat-panjat & slides tu cuma ada sorang budak pompuan Malay umo dalan 3-4 tahun kot...She was screeaming, or actually screeching which really annoys mama & papa, though papa was talking to an office friend he met there, dia pun still dok jeling-jeling tensen. Apart from the noises, budak ni was also chasing after another girl, which is about 5-6 years old kot, sebab nampak lagi tinggi dan besar, and mama realized this girl is an Indian. After observing, baru la paham, the Malay girl actually was chasing after the Indian girl sebab taknak kasi budak tu main situ, memang kesian sungguh tengok budak tu, rasa nak lempang ja budak Malay tu. Mak dia ada, tapi dok usap-usap jer anak dia, tak halang pun, apa la punya mak :P Mama nak letak Nisa, tapi dok jaga-jaga takut budak bising tu jerit ke pukul Nisa, siap mama bisik "Nisa kalau budak tu jerit kat muka Nisa, Nisa lempang ja" :-D Actually ni bukan first encounter kami dengan budak ni, previously budak ni penah jerit kat muka Nisa gak, and menyebabkan Nisa nangis terkejut, papa time tu dah merah muka tahan marah, then tarik ajak Nisa balik, mak budak tu pun ada jugak and masa tu reaksi dia still sama, dok tengok ja and kalau anak dia pi dekat dia, dia usap kepala, macam nothing happens :-O

Mama dah hilang sabar gak dengan budak bising tu dok screeching macam monyet (please excuse my words), sambil tu mama dok try protect the poor Indian girl yang lari sana sini try to avoid the screeching girl. At one point, mama dah hilang sabar and ringan jer tangan bila budak bising tu lalu depan mama, but to my surprise, Nisa suddenly bangun, wave her hand to the Indian girl and say "Come...come" :-O Oh, ter'kandou' (taktau nak translate camner, kira macam touched la jugak) sebentar mama, but the poor little Indian girl macam tak caya, still takut, crouching over the slide. Budak bising tu pulak buat baik dengan Nisa, ajak Nisa duduk atas riba lah, nak turun slide denagn Nisa lah, and Nisa layan jugak. Bila dia turun slide, dia pegang tangan the Indian girl and say "Come...come" but budak bising tu jerit-jerit lagi. Mama lak dah hilang sabar, selamba sambil mulut ngomel-ngomel depan mak budak tu, angkat Nisa and ajak papa masuk shopping. Apa la punya mak budak, ada ka ajar anak camtu?

I'm glad we chose to put Nisa in school early, and dekat school tu, she's the only Malay so she's exposed to multi-races & multi-religions. I'm glad Nisa is as she is today, and hope she'll maintain and maybe be a better person years to come :-)

The next day, we met the Indian girl playing alone at the slides, and Nisa again, "Come...come" ajak budak tu main. Good girl ;-)

Everybody's searching for a hero
People need someone to look up to
I never found anyone who fulfilled my needs
A lonely place to be and so I learned to depend on me

Sekarang isu hangat is of coz, the GE result 8-) I was talking to my director yesterday, as he came to have a small chit chat (which turned out to be nearly 2 hours :P ). The youngest person who went out voting age 21, borned in year 1986. So the majority of people who went out voting age between 21-40, so most borned after 1969. Not to say kita dah hilang semangat patriotik, but all those stories dah basi. Yes, we are proud of you and very thankful, but we need to move forward. Look at how Japan yang musnah sekerat negara kena bom, but what happen to them now? Lagi maju dari kita, what had we achieved after 50 years?Do all Malaysian received whatever dasar politician created equally? Maybe to those yang dapat, the answer is yes, but those voted the other way is saying no, so of course, you don't need to be a mathematician to calculate whether equal or not :-D So no wonder semua bapa harimau ke haruan ke, whatever you may call them, dah takut. It's people's power now, each individual has a choice, and the choice depends on your needs, so now we got the message what the people need now 8-) Malaysian it's not stupid now. The big crowd of voters came from Mahathir's era, those highly educated, who either studied or worked oversea. You can't hide the facts, because we have professionals who understands economy, technology, etc. Buat apa nak benchmark satu negara yg dah 50 tahun merdeka dengan Sudan, why not Singapore? Or compare prices dengan Thai, Philippines...why not Brunei?

Info: One survey done in one of local U to the students, one question asked - If you are elected as one of the ministers after you graduated & worked, will you take bribe?
more than 60% answered YES, because nobody will ever know 8-)

Kalau kita dah merdeka for 50 years, tragedy screeching girl & deaf mom takkan berlaku today.
Kalau kita dah merdeka 50 tahun dulu, takkan ada cerita-cerita rakyat miskin, sengsara while politicians pakai kereta mewah, rumah besar which we always see on the news.
Kalau kita dah merdeka 50 tahun, we don't have to move our cars to the side lanes to give ways to VIPs who didn't even pay their roadtaxes, in the middle of heavytraffic 8-)

Bottomline, let's teach our kids well :-D

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