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Thursday, 25-Dec-2008 12:00
Family Vacation - Day 1
* Travel from Penang to Cameron
* At Bala's Holiday Chalet
* Steamboat dinner at Brinchang

After so long promising Nisa that we'll be taking her to the zoo, watch butterfly and eat strawberries, if she behaves well and be a good girl everyday, so at last, mama & papa kena fulfull the promise lah and took Nisa to a 3D2N vacation in Cameron Highlands. Actually, the original plan was to take Maktok Pah too, since 25th is her birthday, so we booked an apartment which is owned by papa's school friend, but ntah camna, ada kes double-booking lak, due to miscommunication between papa's friend and the care-taker, so last minute mama busy tepon sana-sini cari hotel, and we managed to book Bala's Holidat Chalet instead. So takleh la bawak Maktok coz tak cukup tempat tido, so Maktok ikut Paksu gi KL.
Ramai orang cakap Cameron surely jammed, but sebab kami tak penah gi peak season, takleh bayang camna Cameron yang cool & relax to be packed, lagipun dulu mama & papa honeymoon during Christmas time gak, tak jammed pun...But, we under-estimate lah :P Kami bertolak kol 8 pagi, sepanjang perjalanan R&R all packed with people and cars, then bila naik Cameron pun jammed gila jalan, papa sakit kepala lutut driving...sian papa...Dah ler hujan jer...Sib baik Nisa tido jer so tak tension sangat, and we arrived at the chalet a little bit after 3pm. We read good and bad reviews of the chalet in the net, but to us, it's so-so lah...what do you expect from a 2 1/2 star hotel? The gardens and sceneries were great! The chalet used to be a boarding school for expat's kids before war, and still hold that feeling :-D To papa yang penah dok MCKK, it's very nostalgic, but to mama, it's like in Harry Potter movies LOL In the room, mama melayan Nisa yang dah segar-bugaria (term specially for Nisa) while papa tido, then after a couple of hours, we went for dinner at the town area. We ordered steamboat since it's so cold due to the rain, but then beli some fries untuk Nisa kat KFC so that she'll be more full, since she doesn't eat much. This is a trick we learn from a friend from India who brought 2 kids for holidays in Malaysia, the kids can't take Malaysian food much, so they stuffed the kids with fries since it's carbo, so at least the kids get the energy they needed for the short trip.

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